FR90.XM is intended to automate settlements with customers in the field of trade, catering and services. FR90.XM provides a sale registration of goods (services rendered) with the issuance of a printed document (check), automation of the register and control of the movement of goods, calculation and preservation data to control tax deductions, daily and quarterly financial reports.

FR90.XM corresponds to the Law of Ukraine "On the Application of Registrars of Settlement Operations in the Sphere of Trade, Catering and Services", requirements for the implementation of fiscal functions by settlement operations registrars for various areas of application, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 199 dated February 18, 2002.

For device usage, the customer (user) must contact the manufacturer or service center, who has an agreement with the manufacturer or authorized supplier for these works.

Portable: Yes
Print speed (mm / sec), till: 120
Power supply (V): 9-12
Consumption current, A, not more than: 3
Width of the thermal paper of the checking tape (mm): 57
Built-in customer indicator: No
External customer indicator: No
Interface RS-232: Yes
Interface USB: Yes
Interface Ethernet: Optional
Wi-Fi: Optional
Overall dimensions, mm, not more than: 130 x 180 x 150
Net weight, kg, not more than: 1,0