Simplicity, affordable price and high quality are the main features of the fiscal registrar MG-N707TS, which is ideal for small companies and private entrepreneurs.

The simplicity, affordable price and high quality are the basic qualities of the fiscal registrar MG-N707TS, which is ideal for small companies and private entrepreneurs.

  • It is entered in the State Register of PPO of Ukraine and corresponds to the norms effective from January 1, 2015
  • Built-in modem for on-line transfer of control tape in electronic form to the fiscal service
  • Print speed up to 56 millimeters per second
  • Great design
  • High reliability

MG-N707TS — a fiscal registrar based on a time-tested fiscal printer Bono-E, from the Polish company Novitus, a well-known European manufacturer of fiscal equipment. The registrar is equipped with a built-in customer indicator and has an exceptionally attractive design. Features of the fiscal registrar (PPO) MG-N707TS:

  • Compliance with statutory regulations effective January 1, 2015
  • Simple check tape loading (Easy-load technology)
  • All necessary interfaces for easy connection to POS, PC, LAN, cash box
  • Compatibility with software from leading Ukrainian manufacturers
  • Quality service throughout Ukraine. Solving any problem during of 72 hours.

The fiscal registrar MG-N707TS is ideal for small businesses and private entrepreneurs.

Software version: MG-07
Buyer indicator: built-in luminescent, 5 rows of 16 characters
Channels of access to the Internet: 1 x Ethernet (RJ-45)
Number of cashiers: 32
Number of keys: 4 control buttons and navigation key
Number of departments: 15
Number of characters in the product name: 50
Number of characters per line: 32
Number of goods: from 8000
Contents of delivery: Fiscal registrar, power supply, user guide, passport
Control tape: Control tape in electronic form
Printer model: Seiko LTPC 245 (Japan)
Tax groups with negative total: 5
Tax groups with a positive result: 5
Connectable devices: PC, money box
Color: Black
Paper width: 57,5 mm
Print speed: 56 mm/sec
Interfaces of connection: 1xRS-232, 1xUSB (В type), 1x(RJ-12, 6 V)
Max. roll diameter: 83 mm
Presence of an auto-cutter: No
Source of power: 220 V, 50 Hz; adapter 9 V, 2 A
Working temperature: +5°C … +45°C
Humidity: from 40 to 80% at a temperature of +25°С
Dimensions: 146 x 215 x 190 mm
Weight: 1,75 kg
Guarantee: 18 months

Driver for Windows (Download)

Instruction for web-interface update (Download)

List of commands and description of communication protocols with external devices (Download)